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Okayama factory

Okayama factory Asahi Aluminium Industrial Co.
Area of factory site 5,000m²
Total building area 1,530m²
Amount of production 1,500t/month
Articles of production

Aluminium deoxidizer for steel making

  1. Al 90% 5kg
  2. Al 94% 20g-150g
  3. Al 97% 20g-150g
  4. Al 94% 0.5g-1.0g
  5. Al 97% 0.5g-1.0g
  6. Al 99% 0.5g-1.0g

Other kinds of special alloy ground metal

The aluminum deoxidizer for steel making is aluminum ground metal used to remove (deoxidization) the oxygen within molten steel and the non metallic lies. Generally, it would be thrown in the holding pot from the changing hearth or the electric hearth when letting the steel out. There are three kinds of the shapes of the blast furnace manufacturer and the electric hearth manufacturer by the usage.

  • Shot (0.5g〜1.0g)
  • Block (20g〜30g, 70g〜80g, 100g〜150g)
  • Ingot (5kg)

Four kinds of methods are adopted about packing and the shipment of the product.

  • 500kg-1,000kg shipment in Frecon
  • Make 10kg in sack 1,000kg in Frecon and ship it
  • We ships 10kg in a sack by packing by the 1,000kg with a palette.
  • Load in bulk: shipment by large-scale dump truck

The delivery is done with Just-In-Time (JIT), and is greatly contributing to the quality improvement, stability, and the cost decrease of domestic steel business

0.5g-1.0g shot is used not only for the steel deoxidization but mediater for the chemical industry. Moreover, recently, other than these kinds of ingot, shredded aluminium can like pellet and pressed hardened one like briquette are also used as deoxidizer for steel making

ISO 14001Aluminum deoxidizer for steel making 0.5-100g