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Headquarter factory

Area of factory site 20,000m²
Total building area 3,500m²
Amount of production Aluminium alloy ground metal 6,000t/month
Sub material for steel making 2,000t/month
  1. Various construction of product articles applied to customer request
  2. Full usage of generating aluminium dolos (Aluminium ash)
  3. We are going to be zero-mission factory by the effective use of resources
Alloy (Products) Secondary aluminium alloy for die casting
Secondary aluminium alloy for casting
Secondary aluminium alloy for special die casting
Secondary aluminium alloy for rolling
Other production and processing of kinds of alloys applied to user
Sub material 1954 We developed flux for steel making AD product (Aldex) in advance of the other companies
The present An amount of monthly sales 2,500 t (Number.1 in the domestic)
Raw material An amount of cargo booking in domestic 4,500 t a month (Number.1 in the domestic)
(Handling articles) Aluminium scrap
Other kinds of non-metal (Cu. Zn. Mg. etc.)

ISO 9001ISO 14001