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Our Basic Business Philosophy

Asahi Seiren Co. Ltd. wishes to be recognized by the public as a good and responsible corporate citizen through recycling and the effective use of society's resources.

In return for having the use of society's resources, the company will strive to gain this reputation in pursuit of appropriate profit in prosperous co-existence with it's employees and society. An integral part of the company's belief is to provide a safe workplace, improve the welfare and the working conditions of the employees wherever possible. Importance is placed on through quality control, trusting and cooperative industrial relations, and the pride and personnel development of their employees.

The company will adopt and balance its strategies to on going and cooperate development with the needs of employees and that of society.

The basic concept of Asahi Group

Social Philosophy: Contribution to the custom, Contribution to the state, Contribution to the local community, and Pleasure of the employees.