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We Central Institute of Technology not only analyze the chemical ingredient but also make ready for assurance of qualification with fully conditioned with S.T.E.M, metal microscope, Brinel portable tester and versatile tester.

These the latest examination devices are the counterpart of‘CT Scanner’, which is giving full play to discover and research the microbes.

Would you like to experiment the observation of micro structure of aluminium ground metal, the side analysis on the micro structure and the line analysis on that by using of S.T.E.M ?

S.T.E.M 1
Handstand multi system metal microscope 1
Brinel portable tester 1
Versatile tester 1
Cleanliness tester 1
Tool microscope 1
Konta machine 1


Handstand multi system metal microscope

Cleanliness tester

The concept of Asahi Central Institute of Technology

We aim at

  1. Try settling the problem with the custom.
  2. Actualize achievement of the custom.
  3. Satisfy the custom.

With outgrowing the mind which is wholeheartedly committed to the protection of resources through the renewal, as an institution of general company of aluminium recycling.

We are believing in making much of the mind of above-mentioned, blushing up manufacturing technology-analysis technology-appraisal skill, enriching expertise, constructing the company moral and making employees persons of character will actualize the satisfaction of customers and simultaneously connect to our happiness.

We will solute the problem with making the best use of ‘built-up know-how’ ‘abundant experience’ ‘high-level special technology’ which is based on “Moral”, “Conscience” and “Appreciation”.